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A True Heart

As the Penumbral Lunar eclipse

started its encryption

A faint melancholy was howled by a set of foxes

Nearby, in the middle of a forest

Three beautiful witches 

brewed a lover’s potion 

a unicorn’s drop of tear

a crocodile’s whiff

a raven’s sweet song

a white lily’s serendipity

Said to have magical powers 

To heal a broken Heart!!

A Past tense Perfected

I want to be madly happy about your state of life, yet it seems I cannot even smile. What happened to every wretched idea I wanted you to forgo as a punishment.

Have I gone so far to be healed and cleansed that your being alone makes me – think.

What went wrong Charmer? Did money fall short or your charm was not deft enough to keep you cozy with the giggles and moans of a sizzling heart.