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Love-Fiction or Non-Fiction

Love – a fiction or a non-fiction

The passion, the longing, 

The voyage taken travelling from the one realm to this realm

-for You and You only.

Few say Love – fiction

they dreamed they could never find 

they hoped yet could not locate the treasure

the time constraint, the time-lapse, 

the hollowness in words, the false promises,

For them it is Fiction, it never exists. 

So if Love never existed?

why do we nurture, care, hug, shower affection in 

words and action!

It exists if we are destined to find it we will

Out there one in infinite Significant is waiting to kiss and lock the key

with Togetherness!

That he or she is waiting!



Love never comes knocking at your doorsteps, It is a Sun and a Moon, To take all the darkness away, The Eclipse which was blinding the vision, It really never knocks at your doorsteps, It ushers your Real Spirits to bring out the Genuine & Unique – In You! ~ The Power Of Love ~

It Needs Guts To Say -I Love You!

‘I Love You’

You seem to have no clue 

how difficult it was to let You know

And see how 

 in turn

Mocked me, Humiliated Me with heard Rumours

You wanted to conclude so fast

without going to the depth

that things can be different!

that someone can 

Really, really Love You!

You actually lost Faith and Hope

Trust, Loyalty, Understanding are secondary!

Whenever You meet a Stranger You will always

Risk to know the person since You liked something 

Similar or Different!

You will do that on a Sunny or a deserted Day

Its Reality!

Why Be Bewildered By Darkness

Darkness bewilders many,
Darkness impatience like Satan’s long hands,
Darkness makes the hasty moves never to be corrected again,

Why lose Patience and Experience
If no experience why lose any Patience and Calmness of Thy Heart
Learn to Control the senses
Mostly the words and actions
giving the Storm calm down

Never let that Hope
which is like the Wick of your Hope Candle
to Extinguish
So what it many wants to blow it off or provokes You to blow it off

Save that Flame burning Inside You
No matter
how bad the circumstances look around at the Moment
It will turn around when times come Around You again Smiling!

Desired Life If I Want

I wish only to make
couple of memories
in that I add few important colors
rest I keep mixing to get the Desired affect
So is Life
I have to keep adding
the Right Individuals to live and have Fun
no matter how many wrong individuals might have entered for the wrong affect!