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Im-balance of weight 

                                                        *without the imbalance*


                                                   *how would One know*

to set the Equilibrium- right!

                                                    *the Balance of Equilibrium*

< *-The lines are to be read as another Poem and not be read with the center aligned words.>

Calculating the Appreciation and Gratitude

Life has brought Me
To such a juncture
I have been calculating
What I lived for
The Values and Principles
Meant nothing for many,
But deep in Heart everyone values them
But what really has been paining Me
For awhile
Is the Gratitude & Appreciation
I showered innocently on Many
They valued my showering
Of the Gratitude & Appreciation
But alas they gave Me pain in my Dear Heart
Foe no Reasons of Mine!

Be The Shade, Quench The Thirst, Be A Human

You need to be a Believer
to follow the path
You have set on

One cannot claim the path
One cannot judge the path
One cannot reassure the significance
of the path

Until One has walked a Mile
The Miles
Under the Scorching Sun
The Dark Night
The Stormy Rain
The Chilling Cold

One can never understand
the Path Someone else is walking

So next Time and again
when You and I see, watch
An individual walking that
Extra Mile
why not offer the shade of the Tree
from the Scorching Sun
why not offer water
to quench the thirst

At times the battle looks
for that Individual
but it is the History and Knowledge
in the Battle
which will become part of the
History we will be!

Language never a Barrier

Language is never a barrier
to understand the pain and happiness
The very unknown language can be comforting
Because it understands the gestures
Great Leaders and their ideologies were followed
By Continents which are translated till date
Its the kindness, empathy that contributes
To be in the World
No cruelty will be tolerated for ages
There is a humanity and patience
That leads a mind to greater deeds for humanity
Contribute to the World in your ways
Be it a fraction, but that ‘fraction’ speaks about your gesture
To be a HUMAN