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Karma+Kindness = HURT

Kindness is an Act
to the belief that God is Omnipresent
But time and again
it is proved that Kindness
showered to the persons
must be Reciprocated
without being hurt!

Does that Give the REASON
that I should not be Kind towards Individuals
since I will be stabbed at my Heart
by those after sometime?

I know that If I donot eat the lion
doesnot mean that the Animal will not make Me Lunch!

But here the Kindness is done to the Humans!
Why do they turn to become Animals after being healed!

Revenge Speaks Of

Revenge speaks of Dead skin
Revenge speaks of Boring individuals
Revenge speaks of Cowards
Revenge speaks of Negativity
Revenge speaks of Hypocrisy
Revenge speaks of Split Persons
Revenge speaks of Utter Nonsense

I can go on and on
what I really want
to say is
please learn to choose Forgiveness
learn to choose Trust
learn to choose Wise words
learn to choose Patience
learn to choose Tolerance
learn to choose Positivity

Pain Speaks In Shades

There are times
Pain speaks in hue
The shades of Colors
keep changing with the Pain
increasing in the Heart
No matter what the physical pain
is we can do with it,
but something needs to be done
when the pain is more within Thy Heart
it never settles down
it keeps stirring
looking for new avenues
to reach the depth of the Soul
never to rekindle with the

Be Brave, Conquer Fear

When we fear, it keeps us at a place where we no not what can be done with it. We never take the challenge of confronting the fear. We run every place where we can but away from confronting it we run finding ways not to tackle the situations. We prefer how to be stubborn we never look out for the solutions which can matter. We are never at peace with self. Do we know what we are doing we are telling the fear, ‘Fear you are bigger to me”. We never see the depth which will enlighten us, make us Hero’s in our own eyes. Will that not be a courageous act to confront it for once and all. We look like idiots in our own eyes, hiding behind the curtain. Looking for places to hide oneself. Deal with it. Be brave. No one will give the bravery award but heart will say,’you did it, you conquered it.’
Challenges are mainly situations one falls into unknowingly or which stops us from reaching the dream. Its merely the obstacle or hurdles. The more hurdles one conquers the more we know about ourselves. It is we who will make the difference in our lives by conquering the fear, and not defeating it. One might see the same fear in different situations and circumstances in one’s own lives. We do not tackle the same fear in the same manner but in different ways. We know more about ourselves. We can bring changes or transform ourselves by facing it.

Do we really give up if we happen to fail in love, no never, we keep trying.

The same is with the fear, we have to say to self that once defeated by fear does not say that fear can never be taken care of! It is merely our mind’s manifestation which needs to be worked out. Bring out the courageous you. Deal with it as many times it throws self at you. Learn a lot but never accept defeat but the win which will only come after many attempts. Do we fail in life, yes when we never take the right actions to reach out.

When in fear we never take the decisions which are correct because we think that we will not be able to tackle them. Actions should be taken no matter what. Because we make ourselves, our decisions, our dreams. Hurdles teach us what we are in the making and not hiding away from it. We are in the process of discovering ourselves. No matter what we are the people who make the right and wrong decisions. The more we take actions in the correct senses the more we are in a situation which lets us know what we are listening to the inner self. Do we not feel happy when we have dealt with fear.

Did we all not take the first step to walk as a child, the baby steps not knowing that walking can be fearful and dangerous, we had no balance of our head and body, did we not attempt doing it when our parents was not watching us! That was fear but we dealt with it!:D

We are souls who are here to learn a lot in life, Learning is for ourselves. We are not to linger in suffering but rise above the sufferings. Self contentment and confidence teaches us more to deal with our heart, mind and soul which will make the person in becoming. No matter what we think about ourselves till the time we are in no way taking care of the fear we are never going reach the heights which we dream of.

Believe and have faith in self, that makes a person know the powers of self.

*Happy Reading*