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Strong Women

Women go through a lot of changes and evolution to look the way they are presentable and multi – tasking in their day to day dealings. A girl is a person who seems to be a ‘touchy’ ‘dramatic’ and have a sentimental and emotional touches in her life, but after crossing that cover of the book there comes a person who really is making her day look as perfect making all the things move in a right direction. Crossing some of the boundaries and pushing her limits to make an approach more viable and worthy the more. We all keep moving in our lives but their is something very ‘charismatic’ about the ‘strong women’ we meet in our life. They know that they have to step each step in the ladder and make things move and fall in their place.

Women who are ambitious are not only the women who make it or the intelligent lot who always make it. It is the women who love to take a step and decisions in a way which will make a difference to the place of their working. Its not all the hard work or the smart work that keep on moving their positions to the top most role they get into but there is a way in which they started as team player at the starting of their life which made the impact in their life and then their game rolled on! Every one comes to make an impact and a difference in the role and lives they want to touch by in a way which is remembered always but very few are the people who can really work and reap those plants which they have once sowed!

Question is not how they do it but how is the difference of the impact in which one makes a change in the lives of so many people they really touch! I really consider Mother Teresa, Margaret Thatcher, Opera Winfrey, Angela Merkel, Christine Lagarde, Indra Nooyi, Chanda Kochhar, Vinita Bali, Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw.

It really matters how one has to know and do and act and react to the situations and challenges and circumstances which not only makes emerging leaders but top influential individuals which makes a difference in the lives of a life time count. Believe it or not the people who have worked with them and are working with them are learning and experiencing the way they view the world will be moving in a progressive manner to make an effort today and tell everyone the day will be better in all ways is a hope that mostly our mom’s have taught us! Females are always considered the multi-tasking individuals and want to be a progressive change thinker in their own families too, so accessorized with education and how the change can be of an impact lives around their loved ones and community and continents around the world do give a chance to make the vitualized impact!

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