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In A World Of Kalyug

I had once set my path with an unsuitable person

thinking maybe that’s the destiny

universe removed it – Proved its point thoroughly.

But in this world of kalyug

of selfishly motivated individuals

why do I still have faith

that someone, somewhere,

a suitable person does exist.

Not In A Rush


 Rush Not To Create Anew Memories

A few humans evoke 

No, not to recall past memories

in motion to see the fractured heart.

Neither do they force afresh, anew beginning, 

to create a series of new memories.

They try to make the present walk 

worthwhile, enjoyable.

Without any false promise.



Far away from reach the planets has hightened senses to reach Us by making us inquisitive, curious, objective, mysterious, faithful, dreamy, ambitious, supportive, productive, goal oriented, nurturing, compassionate, determined, philosophical and a good Listener. It feels us and makes us the doers in terms of actions, guts, risk takers! Passionately going uphill without being waiting for any fellow Traveller such is the effect and forward mover. The mountain is tricky but the planets will make curiousity by showing the Unicorn. Travel as it must be as the journey of Life will end when your breath stops and never before that! Stop only to help with actions which will touch the heart Positively, speak less and use Right words to make the flow effectively to make the movement in Positivity. The planets faraway is making you breaking you to Build the new You be happy for the changes and transformation like a Butterfly out of caterpillar!

Keep Your Dreams Alive

Give your dreams
the time
to nurture and create
the ideas
that keep flowing
Do rest
but do not rest
until You
have seen the
practical approach
to your dreams
never let go
your dreams
we live once
at least for now
make it count
every breath
of yours
to make the dreams
to see the light
to know, to be acknowledged
for the conception and conceiving
to make the dreams
out of sand and bricks
leave no land untouched
leave no leaf untouched
leave no heart unheard
keep the Hope within
because One day you
will be the Inspiration
to many alike
to tell the tale
of your Journey

Creative Energy The Truth For Thyself

The Journey one
is walking right Now
is not the Journey
one had in mind
The Journey one had
in mind
was full of beautiful
rose tinted glasses
which was
smashed to show
the reality
of the Truth
which we are following
the creative force
which is driving
any person sane
is the very Truth
which some how
found out its
way to be our

A Unique Day Every Day

one day I fly
with the wind
One day I travel
by the land
Some days I
get energy from the Sun
Other days I
get light from the Moon
Each day is an unique day
by itself
no matter what I do
I see the Sun and Moon
in different lights
each day
Some days I get burned
from the Sun’s heat
so is the pressure test which
leaves me burned
Other days I wish to see
the Moon but wander around
the dark sky with lots of
Some days I get drowned
by the force of water
Other days the wind blows
too much to stand still
So is the Pressure Test
so much weighing at times
I encounter that leaves
me with the thought
Am I on the right path
or drowned by my own thoughts
But there comes Hope in terms
of Angels like the little
stars and air and
I start acknowledging
that God surely
is with me
in my Heart
Encouraging me to follow
My Path