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A Past tense Perfected

I want to be madly happy about your state of life, yet it seems I cannot even smile. What happened to every wretched idea I wanted you to forgo as a punishment.

Have I gone so far to be healed and cleansed that your being alone makes me – think.

What went wrong Charmer? Did money fall short or your charm was not deft enough to keep you cozy with the giggles and moans of a sizzling heart.

Worship not only the Goddess, Respect the Human Avatar in a Female, A Female will never scream and shout At top of her voice to be Respected, Silently She watches and listens carefully, To the words and actions thrown at Her. She might be silent but not for long She too has patience and tolerance – Level least a Man would appreciate to see Her in the Karmic role of Kali or Durga in the Human Form.

Witnessing The Voidness

The ears are perched and deaf
They can no longer hear any word
Its the voidness in the Heart
that has led to the Difference
In Thou Life!

In case Thou wants to Survive
Make the Heart listen not only
to the Pain and Hurt
it keeps hearing and feeling

Try to watch the Humming Bird
When the sun rises
So that it feels with the Hope and Light

Since after every storm and Hurricane
The Sun rises & will keep rising from the East
Destruction is inevitable
Destruction happens not by chance
But for the mere Transformation
– In Lives who are supposed to
learn the lesson of the Heart & Mind!

Karma+Kindness = HURT

Kindness is an Act
to the belief that God is Omnipresent
But time and again
it is proved that Kindness
showered to the persons
must be Reciprocated
without being hurt!

Does that Give the REASON
that I should not be Kind towards Individuals
since I will be stabbed at my Heart
by those after sometime?

I know that If I donot eat the lion
doesnot mean that the Animal will not make Me Lunch!

But here the Kindness is done to the Humans!
Why do they turn to become Animals after being healed!

Growing Up- An Optional Choice

Growing up is an Optional Choice
Some make it with the responsibilities
which too are choices
Some make it with the priorities
which they have to take up without any Choice available

There are many who never grow up
they end up being Selflishly taking care and nurturing Thee Self
Nothing much of a Difference
that it makes in their lives
they Love themselves to the extend -they view themselves Always RIGHT

Priorities and Responsibilities
are mostly Karma- the Deeds
that One has to take care of
because One is Lucky enough
to Nurture and Care as much the others Cared and Nurtured Thy self!
It is not everyone’s Cup of Tea or Coffee
But when a choice has been made have to stick to the it
till the last promise is Fulfilled