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Soul + Mate

Wish my words had wings

to fill the distance

it would have hugged your Soul


let You know 

that I like you friend, always

that I love your Soul dearly 

as we happen to met in this life again

to celebrate the joy and happiness

of knowing each other’s souls.


Do It Speak The Words

Have You done Enough?
Have You spoken the Words that matter your existence
to Her’s or Him?

If You haven’t, then dono’t Waste Time
Say it look like a Fool
infront from Him/Her
but still do it
You never know what is in store for You
Live with the words then make it possible
But still Do it!


The best part any human
loves is the Youth,
The Youth potion to the existence
where everyone believes they are THEY!
The way Youth mistreat the Old & Young
Believing that it is it and they never grow old
So is the arrogance & ego of it
Coupled with power, beauty and cunning manner
Never think of being “curious case of Benjamin Button”
We die as we are
Grounded are the folks who prepare for the Old Age
Respect every season of Age
Give clever and practical advice to the people
who would approach the way Age as OURS!

Desired Life If I Want

I wish only to make
couple of memories
in that I add few important colors
rest I keep mixing to get the Desired affect
So is Life
I have to keep adding
the Right Individuals to live and have Fun
no matter how many wrong individuals might have entered for the wrong affect!

Addition In Life

Add depth to your observation
Add nurture to your nature
Add care to your Being
Be the way You want to be
Be the way You can be loved in your stupid thoughts
Be the child whom even a Child would love to care for
Be the Sweetheart and a Darling to the Hearts You keep meeting
Once in a while!

Dwell In The Path

Dwell not in the path
where One knows the foolishness and childish acts
Dwell not in the path
where One knows why will not be answered
Dwell not in the path
where One will be taken to bereft and confusion

Dwell where One finds happiness
composed and comfort in
Give nothing less or more
Accept no hurt in return
Do not be sad if One is hurt

Be courageous to be the One
You always are and be complete
the task if all alone.

Existence Of Yesterday, Today Tomorrow Mingles Together

If You believed in Yesterday
Put faith in Today
And then trust Tomorrow
Nothing in life comes
just sailing in the wrong waters
everything that sails in deep waters too
come up to the surface to let all know
that Beauty of Life and Live exists and mingles together
to make the Existence of every Nature