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A Past tense Perfected

I want to be madly happy about your state of life, yet it seems I cannot even smile. What happened to every wretched idea I wanted you to forgo as a punishment.

Have I gone so far to be healed and cleansed that your being alone makes me – think.

What went wrong Charmer? Did money fall short or your charm was not deft enough to keep you cozy with the giggles and moans of a sizzling heart.

Disposition Of Deeds

Derail a Life

see the wreckage of bolts and nuts 

of Thoughts

It seems only One Life

at the first Sight 

But series of lives connected to it

gets derailed

What is the purpose of the Disposition 

of ours 

If we cannot put the Life 

onto the Tracks 

We can always out do the deeds in a way

to set a record of Humanity & Humility

The Weight Of My Heart

Can You tell Me
what is the Weight of My Heart?
while it is beating the sounds –

Very true!
You heard it right!

Some might say Yes,
yet others might yell No.

No one can tell the weight of My Heart

It is a priceless Organ
God has put it in the Right place
To meet many an Individuals
and put the Imperfect Ones with their flaws intact
in My HEART! 😀

God Sets The Appointments

There is a moment
where One happens to have little
but we still Share it with Someone
Not necessarily Special
Someone We care
See a Spark in the Young or Old Eyes
The Voice is not Pretentious nor Fake

I Share and Care
with those individuals
whom God made Me meet
they were the Ones
God wanted Me to Learn, Experience
something which I was not experiencing
It is not a Lesson that I am learning
But an Experience
which is Higher thoughts which sets me Free – Care Free

When I am surrounded by the people
whom I have known whole My Life
I cannot be Me sometimes!
I cannot be the CareFree Me
which lets Me DOWN as an Individual
in the growing process
I have many places to visit
I do not want to be bondaged
by the nickels and dimes all the time
There is the Sun to Touch
The Moon to be Explored!