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One should always carry forward no matter how badly one is bruised, One should always shine back not pretending or acting but mean Truly, Your Smile is precious not only for you but for those who supports and cares for You always, You know always hidden in your Heart that they Love you always, Take care of the bruises and start again- You are your Sun, the Moon and the Pixie dust; dust above your head and be broom, broom, broom!

God Of Death

One has no breathe on this Earth
When their surviving instincts dies
The moment their will power
That keeps on motivating them
vanishes further deep inside
The wishfullness of God of Death.

What does a Human do then
Put all the Universal forces
where one can create a beautiful Aura
To bring the dead from the clutches of the Death
Difficult or Impossible might sound
But truly if One has not tried
Something then one might end up
Believing that there is a Miracle

The Miracle seems to the person/Human
who has the force and instincts
To call and pray to the Universal Gods
To help them give the motivation

Why Keep Complain

Why are we all the time and if mentioned not a second leaving keep complaining like children. We all have met and know about individuals who keep on cursing and keeping up the statistics on the higher end each day with complaining. What is psychological need in feeling that we did not get this, suffered this and many other similar issues big or small which keep us occupied with the complaining word being used in our day to day life more than appreciating and thanking what we got and feel blessed about. One might not be born as a complaining child when one was born on this earth but according to the days that go by a person learns the Art of Complaining more than feeling Blessed and Gratitude.

Have meet a couple of individuals in my life that keep on complaining ‘if the sun rises early, if the sun rises late’, ‘if it doesnot rain, and when it rains’. Firstly things were amusing so told them to appreciate the time when situations fall in early or late, but later realized that they love doing this more because that keeps them moving to the North Pole it seems to me! It bugged me to the core that I started ignoring their complain pages of their everyday lives and got to the zone where I really cannot listen them at all being with them. Might me unpleasant, but giving solutions too never worked with them, it’s the feeling of complaining which is much more important to their existence not solving the situation. I am sure each one of us have met in a life time with such individuals. Appreciation never comes to them even if a single day things work out in their favor.

An understanding to the situation with a cool and patience could make a difference is never seen by them. Teaming up and if a solution is provided to them also doesnot work for such humans. They are flustered within about their appearance, others appearance.

Complaining mainly occurs due to the inability to make changes within the mind to make a difference. We all are going to venture out and seek or are thrown to an adventure so why not change the situation making it work in own favor not just whine like a child. Adults are mainly the persons who complain more about a given situation where as a child might a way to get a way it seems. Complaining makes a person’s thought process work in the negative way where they will go more negative and never see the positive thoughts and ways. It makes a negative person to divulge from the negative energy to cross the bridge and come to the positive thoughts. It makes a person really view the situation when he or she thinks positively. It will make the necessary changes or transform to make the thought process not to go in that way where the dark thoughts bring only negative forces to work.

Why speak so much about positive or negative thoughts is mainly to understand how a person views not only a single situation but many such situations to make the right impact. So next time one meets a complaining soul give a solution, if solution accepted than the person can change himself or herself to make a difference in thoughts but when the person doesnot accept the solution leave the person to whine about it, you have tried and so many people have surely tried changing the thoughts. Do not feel guilty about your leaving the person to his or her circumstances.

*Happy Reading*

The Benevolence Of A Postcard

Margaret seemed to be more curious to get into the details of the meeting between Cathy with James. So she ran behind Cathy with a distance not to be noticed by Cathy. Margaret is a very suspicious lady with an intention travelling with Mrs. Rose and Mrs. Dorothy. No one could make out her intentions as she was very quiet and the good ladies thought she must be in a state of shock because of her loss. Very few had an idea what her intentions could be.

Cathy went to meet her Mother in the Ladies room, like a breeze of fresh air went to Mrs. Rose, ‘Mom I met a gentleman by the name of Mr. James Thomson, seems very nice to me. Would love you to meet him, and invite him for tomorrow’s dinner if you agree.’ Mrs. Rose was not at all astonished with her daughter’s aquaintance as she knew that many men would love to be in her daugther’s company. Mrs. Rose looking from the cards she was playing with Mrs. Dorotothy said ‘ Fine Darling, first introduce him to me tomorrow for the evening tea would let you then.’ Cathy delighted, kissed her mother’s forehead and as she was moving out of the room said ‘ going to the room Mother to rest a little.’ To which her mother replied ‘Fine Dear.’ Every word was heard by Margaret from a distance as she pretended to see the sky from the little window from the room, not paying any attention to what Cathy must have told to Mrs. Rose. Mrs. Dorothy who was a motherly figure towards both Cathy as well Margaret smiled to the words of Cathy, and noticed the difference in the behaviour of Margaret but said nothing to her. Was Mrs. Dorothy doing the right thing by not letting know the changes she observed in Margaret to Mrs. Rose and Cathy was something which the future situations would decide.

James was in his room talking to George who was very much rapt with the way in which James was describing Cathy and their little introduction. James seemed to like Cathy in all words he was describing the appearance of Cathy hinted to that only. Time will be the witness to their Love if James proposes Cathy at all. George after listening to the aquaintance told,’Nice to know that you have made a friend which will keep you occupied other than the books which seems to be more your “Beloved” at times.’ With this statement he chuckled. At this James threw a pillow towards George which did not hit George at all.

Margaret’s little journey started from the place where she was brought up by a couple Mr. and Mrs. Smith who knew her parents who died of a little accident.So the couple who had no child of theirs took care of Margaret in her education and well being. She was always quiet in nature so the couple thought that she must be shy and withdrawn because of losing her parents at a very young age. It so happened that once while visiting the Opera with her adopted parents unknowing to her she was noticed by the very Gentleman who married her. Mr. William Anderson was a man of fine etiquettes and behaviour. William was the only son and a bachelor being pursued by many ladies for marriage. But he was waiting for the fine lady he wanted to make his life partner. It was love at first sight for Mr. Anderson and was so smitten by Margaret that after the show finished, he headed towards an introduction to Mr. Smith whom he knew quite well. And so after knowing about Margaret and her childhood from the Smith’s he was very much more confident and asked Margaret’s hand in front of Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Margaret knowing everything from the Smith’s did not object and soon William and Margaret got married and lived in a Villa. Life was really good and she was happy and thought God at last blessed her with a good man to be her husband that she could not have asked anything better for herself. But within two years of marriage, her happiness was taken back by God and Mr. Anderson fell ill and died due to brain fever that doctors could do little to save his life. Tragedy striking her twice made her completely lose faith in God and left her all alone at her husband’s home. Losing her husband at a very young age of 22 was way to much for a young wife to take care of all the business and Villa of her late husband. Famously known as the Young Widow at the tea parties where the ladies met was a cruel experience in which she found solace in her newly friends or mother figures Mrs. Rose and Mrs. Dorothy. The two ladies always invited her to shopping and parties where they thought that she will find a new husband who will propose her. Cathy was very much a friend to Margaret speaking about everything under the sky which was always motivating to her.

But little did Cathy and Mrs. Rose know their lives would be changed because of Margaret’s voyage to India with them.


The Humorous You

When we go through that critical situation in which we are essentially sad, feel low about our circumstance how does one try to make self moving and going against the glum tides.

Humour is the right antidote for such miserable situations. Every person has their own take into how they like doing and making themselves get out of the serious mood which is not only hampering them but people who love them are also getting affected by their situation. Do we not cry or feel sad and not speak or speak continuously about the remorseful situation. How gloomy we make our situation where if one imagines the situation it is mostly the one where one is vizualised as seating under the cloudy sky and most of the time seems that it will rain because of our saddness! We get stuck with that situation, nor are we able to move around and can never think anything right at the given circumstance. We look here and there for motivation and inspiration, but there are times that also doesnot help, Music helps couple of times but what really gives a hundred percent return back is the HUMOUR.The warranty card with assurance, I mean. Laugh out loud not at your miserable situation by watching something really funny, reading some good books, articles with humour in it. When we laugh out loud our heart lives for a day more than the expected days. I may not be able to proof that but what is harm in laughing in the miseries one can not think out off it and take out anything out off at the moment. Situations which can be taken care of can be handled when the mind is calm but what we really do is think a lot more which makes our mind ‘numb’ which can never think anything correct. When situations which we cannot take care off falls should we not be able to take as a place where we at the moment see nothing more than the accustomed cloudy days, black big thunderous clouds; imagine!

Take self out of the situation, I know it is impractical to laugh when some one close has died or some serious financial crisis has set upon. But later should that stop us from smiling, NO. Give self the break and rejuvenate by breaking into splits of laugh. There is no harm in trying what can be good for oneself and the rest of people who vows by oneself. The pillar of foundation should never fall apart to keep the home from falling. Enjoy the situation, by thinking and amusing what else might have gone wrong why because we want to make everyone together- the family, community at large. We all learned this and learning by our experiences.

Give or take it only Humour can make the heart beat, pump the blood to the heart so that we live to make a difference the next day.:D

*Happy Reading*

Quotes- Being Unselfish

To live a pure unselfish life, one must count nothing as one’s own in the midst of abundance. Buddha

Be unselfish. That is the first and final commandment for those who would be useful and happy in their usefulness. If you think of yourself only, you cannot develop because you are choking the source of development, which is spiritual expansion through thought for others. Charles William Eliot

The great secret of true success, of true happiness, is this: the man or woman who asks for no return, the perfectly unselfish person, is the most successful. Swami Vivekananda

The unselfish effort to bring cheer to others will be the beginning of a happier life for ourselves. Helen Keller

Being Unselfish Helps one’s KARMA

Do we doubt when we are giving or sharing with the rest of the people we know or donot know. Is it our work be an unselfish person by offering help to the needy. We upton times wonder why we need to give or if we give the offer to help we are ridiculed when the same is not offered back, or if offered back it has a ‘motive’ to have something in return- a selfish account. We back ourselves out of such known individuals or strangers who would use our help to achieve or make us step down. Never try to even think for a split second that one is doing a wrong work. Believe in thy self that what goes around comes around in a way we never thought of. Situations might mostly be that a single individual is taking a lot of space by taking our help should we stop helping, Yes but when will one know which is the right moment to stop. When one knows that it is petty issue which the individual can work upon by self. Another time is the situation when an individual will not work on its own only the reason being that his ‘lazy’. Stop one’s focus and channel the energy on the individuals who really cannot do a lot of things for certain period of time. We as people too need help but we grow up with the thought that we will be independant once we regained the source of our passion. Needless to say we will counter and stumble with many people who will need help at many times of their life time, and if we happen to be the individual do it. Never think that one will get a return gift for that.

In every person’s life one meets with an individual who shave helped a lot of individuals, with a lot of suggestions, motivation, positivity; but couple of individuals never returned back with a smile but surerly took the advice the help. Needless to say the person was hurt, but did that stop the individual from helping the new people he met. The answer is a big NO. Why should the individual change the only act God has built up with providing help some needy person in that particular situation one will do best to comfort.

Its the positivity which keeps a person working on the goal where one knows have to do a lot of deeds without being selfish looking for that pat on back but to the soul and KARMA in this Life. Believe in Karma and God the person who knows will have to do until one can give no more.

Be the optimist in life where whatever happens and the kind of bickering one has to go through for no reason of yours, never stop with the good work. Never be the selfish person who does a deed because one is looking for the result in a selfish motive. Understanding the fact that only good Karma can only make us and take us close to God nothing else can. If a known person dies very early everyone will remember the person by the deeds the person has done and not the number of years he or she lived for.

All of us will only be remembered by our deeds in small or big way whatever difference we could make in the Humankind and keeping the faith that good people do exist no matter what happens, someone is there who will do the actions which will help one achieve a needy person’s joy to being helped.

*Happy Reading*

Make A Difference, Be the One

Be the difference in the world no matter what one does one will make a difference when one follows what is in the mind!

Why does one must make a difference; there are a lot of individuals doing already? But why not you and I? Something and many other things will connect us to the sphere where one will make a Difference, it is not for the ‘fame’ or ‘popularity’ one will curve that niche for self, but for the compassion, kindness and above all HUMANITY that will drive and push the person to make a huge change in ‘small actions’.

Donot be demotivated if situations pull anyone down because of the hell bend negotiators to work against you.

Put the ultimate faith in self and trust your instincts that if you want to make a change and ‘help’ a lot of people around God will send his ‘angels’ to you to make the path clear. One has to pass the initial battles against the fears and rumours but has any kind person with the virtue to do ‘good to humanity’ just made it without the initial hiccups. Worry less about what the rest of people will say or think about self, what should really matter would be your actions have helped atleast a single ‘soul’ in the 24 hours that God has made. What should be thought and worked upon is how will you make the ‘difference’ derive the means and chalk out the path by which you want to make the steps taken each day. Built your spirits high that no matter how bad the words are spread about you not letting you the kind and humble work should not deter you from moving backwards and stop you. Leave the praises alone, it will always come and go, take little rest in the way to the path once you have decided for self. Never leave yourself without the thought that you are making a difference in small ways by letting a pat on your shoulder.

Never be disheartened, because someone in the Universe is watching and following your initiatives that you have taken. Understand the nature of work that you have taken on self to help the people out. Make it work, rectify it more and more. Make it more user friendly no matter what the product is in terms of service or consumer durable. What counts is how many people have you been able to reach with the support of your product. It might be providing tea or coffee to the homeless people, or may be a a few sentences of motivation to a group of teenagers or depressed individuals. Understand one thing for sure that expect nothing in return. The day you understand that one word will be comfortable in helping as many people in distress as many one could never think of. God is always with the individuals who have a thought about the people who needs our compassion, love, hope!

*Happy Reading*

U are not Alone

Do we not think that we are all by ourselves in this world, battling our own fight.

A lot of individuals think that being alone is a sin, can we not just term it as ‘solitude’ while we are working on. Do we not like to be ‘left alone’ for couple or few hours so that we can generate and reproduce our work which we are doing. Most of us would agree to that being alone gives minds rest and peace that we are looking forward too because that increases our thoughts and makes our work more energized. We really donot want to be all by ourselves without having our loved ones by our side to share a joke or a shoulder to find the comfort we look forward too and want to give others the same comfort and laugh.

But there are a lot of individuals who are mostly battling ‘loneliness’ by portraying to the world a glossy picture of being in their comfort zone, in reality they are struggling with not to be left alone, but are alone due to the pain they donot want to express. Not expressing pain makes them ‘translucent’ and keeps telling people around that they are FINE. Meeting and speaking to such individuals should make them think and tell them that they should let their pain and anguish come out in a way that they can live a free life. Freedom from the the crushed pain is not an easy task, its the release of the pain with a lot of effort which makes a difference which can make such individuals think that they are not struggling alone and fighting the battle all alone. Individuals dealing with loneliness should try to speak about their pain which has affected their life in a huge manner which has made a severe impact on their lives as well their family and friends. Speaking out of the pain is not easy, done, but if one doesnot speak about it how will it be ‘healed’ from within. One cannot and should not live with an wound which has not got medicine, living with such wound will only make the part of the body to be cut.Reach out to as many acquaintances as many one knows, tackle and make peace with the insecurities. Learn to trust, have faith, no matter what happens take the ‘risk’ of being a human and making an endless effort by telling the world know that one is not alone! Do this for oneself and not for any one. Every person who loves one will support in the endeavour! Achieve, release, realize the freedom from the Burden.

Be at peace with self so one can enjoy being left alone for some time as the party would not be fun without you!

*Happy Reading*