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Three Day Quote Challenge

Quote of the Day 1

“No one can decode the mystery of that Mysterious One by collecting a feather each daily!”

I have been chosen by Johnny,¬†https://johnnyojanpera.wordpress.com/2015/06/12/three-day-quote-challenge/, to post a Quote.Thank you Johnny this Challenge is worth a try! ūüėÄ

Post a quote for three days, or three quotes in three days. Choose three bloggers each day.

I Challenge #Katarina, #Neha, #Staci. Have fun with the Challenge.

In The Stillness Of The Forest

In the Darkness of the Night

Glowed the Moon

The Owl hooted as if the night Vision belonged Only to it

The stillness of the River flowing 

The Aquatic Life slept Peacefully

The forest glowed in the songs

That the Magicians sang in Unison

To call and thank the Spirits of the Universe

The Universe absorbed the Song and Vibes

Gifted the Magicians with Powers to keep the Light of Faith Always Shining!

The Mystery Of The Night

Three Stars aligned in the same line

Couple of stars brighter than the rest,

Moon in twelve o’clock position,

Belief Me or not

Mystery starts at Night!

The longer the night gets, the beauty starts revealing

little bit every Night

but it will never reveal everything at One Go

It will keep most of the Mysteries to itself!

So is Mystery and Story 

of the Night!

Emotional World ~iii~

should I light the torch to see the ‘thing’,

Oh! I should have known it is an area of unknown,

But I was the one insisting to come here,

I know I could keep with it or was I wrong?

I can keep Myself afloat but I wanted to drown,

I do have choice 

I can feel the warmth of the heart of the ‘thing’

breathing besides my ears of My Soul,

I light my charge of light

There I see some form of eyes watching me into my eyes.

Eyes as beautiful I could not have thought off!

Is it a disillusion, hallucination as some say it.

Is it a monster or some one like me wondering around

or lost and could not find the path out of the Ocean of emotion world?

without much a thought I as intrigued and prompt came a question

“what are You?”, “are you lost?”, “do you live here?”

In my mind I am still wondering

Do you understand my language!!