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Hollow Nights

The nights screech the never worn out Soul
The Soul can never distinguish
between the Day and Night
It is so used to living in the Night
it can hardly stand the crowd, the fun
It pulls the curtains
exclaims, retires, surrenders
To the Night with Wholeness of Belonging
It never sleeps though
it only remains wide awake
and reminds the nights
when the Moon was waxing and waning
The reminder strong settling
in the Mind and Thoughts
never will Thee Soul Awake
from this Sleep!

The Creator

In the Moonlight I bathe My Soul
I speak to the dearest Stars as they become my friends
The stars wait for Me to come, they try their silly jokes with Me
Tell us which constellation do we form ?
They with the Moon always deepen my thoughts about the Love for Life
It makes a wonderful evening gazing at them
I can never get bored
I am amazed by the beautiful Universe the Creator has worked on! 🙂

The Moon In The Canvas

Night calls in darkness follows in
The stars twinkle,
some love being attached to themselves
Some stars love mingling around,
stars many love too fill the sky
Comes the Moon brighter,
bigger to have all the attention
Surround yourself, be with them all Night long
Understand their language and put them in the canvas