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Break no Heart, break no Peace, Though break Rules and dogma if any! Be still breathing within, hidden is the Nature’s nurturing truth that we all wish to Share, with someone we truly feel & touch, In our Life in this Blue Planet called Earth. ~ Thy Heart, My Heart ~

The Weight Of My Heart

Can You tell Me
what is the Weight of My Heart?
while it is beating the sounds –

Very true!
You heard it right!

Some might say Yes,
yet others might yell No.

No one can tell the weight of My Heart

It is a priceless Organ
God has put it in the Right place
To meet many an Individuals
and put the Imperfect Ones with their flaws intact
in My HEART! 😀

Deep Inside My Heart

Deep inside My Heart
I crave for the Solitude
I am so much tired
of Giving

I need to enrich Thyself Again

before returning to Life
which attracts Me like
A Magnet to the Iron & Iron ores

Deep inside My Heart
I crave to search
a peaceful place
where I can atleast share
the agonies and hurts
that happened last couple of weeks

I want to vent out; out loud
so I can again find the way back to the Crowd

Growing Up- An Optional Choice

Growing up is an Optional Choice
Some make it with the responsibilities
which too are choices
Some make it with the priorities
which they have to take up without any Choice available

There are many who never grow up
they end up being Selflishly taking care and nurturing Thee Self
Nothing much of a Difference
that it makes in their lives
they Love themselves to the extend -they view themselves Always RIGHT

Priorities and Responsibilities
are mostly Karma- the Deeds
that One has to take care of
because One is Lucky enough
to Nurture and Care as much the others Cared and Nurtured Thy self!
It is not everyone’s Cup of Tea or Coffee
But when a choice has been made have to stick to the it
till the last promise is Fulfilled

Road Trip

There are roads which One is walking
There are many strangers who will share the road
with Thee
Some will help Thee to keep pace with the Time
Others might and will try to deceive from the Road
That is the quality and quantity that We end up meeting
on this Road Trip
The trip is One’s own smart work and Hard work
But Something will make Thee Stop at some point
to take care and nurture
to help and guide
That should not stop Thee from the Walk
that One has shown to Walk


My Heart sees a Thousand candles
A Thousand candles You lit in My Heart
The Thought of You carries Me forward
Looking ahead with the Memories we will build

My ears hear bells ringing
with a particular sound
That sound sends Ripples in my Heart
My pulse seems to be in TUNE with the bells

I see You everywhere in front of Me
Nah! I am not INSANE
I am just Happy feeling You!