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My Pain IN The Galaxy

I understand the Pain

I feel the Pain

I sleep with the Pain

There are  times when the Pain stays in the Galaxy 

where Air, Water, Light dissolves into 

One big Universe

where every particle moves at their 

own speed, so does My Pain move with

infinite speed 

it never seems to Explode 

only teaching Me to be Patient a little longer!

Pain Teaches A Lesson

Pain never makes One suffer
It is the pain which makes One see the truth
which We were not looking with the Microscope
what or where it leads us is the place
where we change or transform forever
We no longer feel the pain
as we are working on the subject of the pain felt
Believe Me pain comes when we have the rosy glasses on
To deal with pain is we start working on it
Never suffer and keep suffering
every pain gets out of the Heart
and we once again jump to the Ocean of where we were travelling
All is well!

Revenge Speaks Of

Revenge speaks of Dead skin
Revenge speaks of Boring individuals
Revenge speaks of Cowards
Revenge speaks of Negativity
Revenge speaks of Hypocrisy
Revenge speaks of Split Persons
Revenge speaks of Utter Nonsense

I can go on and on
what I really want
to say is
please learn to choose Forgiveness
learn to choose Trust
learn to choose Wise words
learn to choose Patience
learn to choose Tolerance
learn to choose Positivity

When Will My Damn Heart Learn

I keep speaking to my
damn Heart to make the
Peace Agreement with
the pain and sadness
that it has always dealt with
so that it can learn to be
a little more tolerant and patient
when the Peace breaker arrives
Can anyone win a battle without
the Analyzing and Strategic plan
When will my Damn Heart Learn

Pain Speaks In Shades

There are times
Pain speaks in hue
The shades of Colors
keep changing with the Pain
increasing in the Heart
No matter what the physical pain
is we can do with it,
but something needs to be done
when the pain is more within Thy Heart
it never settles down
it keeps stirring
looking for new avenues
to reach the depth of the Soul
never to rekindle with the