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His Desire

He kissed many a lip to feel

Yet He yearns for the One

who would be breath taking moment

For Him

With whom He can connect 

With hearts and  feel one Soul

For that lips He desires

His lips has forever been dry for Her

His eyes wants to catch the glimpse 

of that Lost girl he sees in his lucid dream

He wants to hold Her for real this time!




Island Of Dream

Walk the way
Take the path
which leads One
to the Passion
which has given One the sleepless nights
Longer the distance to the finish line that One views
Only makes the One work determined to take steps which
will make the surviving of the Passion in the Heart
To cross the seas and lands to reach the Island of Dream

This Summer Fire My HEART

This Summer I want
My Soul to quench its thirst
My Heart to be filled with happiness
This Summer as the sun soars high
makes the Earth all charged up
I want my Soul to fill the urge to be connected
My Heart singing the tune in madness
This Summer I want
My Soul to not cry for rain
My Heart not filling the Heat
But should it not be thy Heart whose thirst must be quenched.