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My Pain IN The Galaxy

I understand the Pain

I feel the Pain

I sleep with the Pain

There are  times when the Pain stays in the Galaxy 

where Air, Water, Light dissolves into 

One big Universe

where every particle moves at their 

own speed, so does My Pain move with

infinite speed 

it never seems to Explode 

only teaching Me to be Patient a little longer!

The Palmistry

I know
I can see the Lines in Your palm
I can see the Sun, the Moon
Jupiter, Mars, Venus, Saturn, Pluto
Neptune and The Mercury.

What I see in Your hands
is the Ability to be Calm, Patient, Tolerant
I know the hand You will hold tightly
will be One Lucky Gal
who will Adore, Admire and RESPECT
You the Most!

Bless Your hands for being a Strong Soul and Compassionate Heart.

Spiritual Connection

Spirituality is a Connection
Of the Soul
The Soul which longs to find a Home
That Home is a place where it finds Eternal Peace
Peace will dwell making the Soul Patient
Patience will set the Individual
Courage and Vigour to ride in High Waters
The Adventure which every person Once in a while Seeks

Revenge Speaks Of

Revenge speaks of Dead skin
Revenge speaks of Boring individuals
Revenge speaks of Cowards
Revenge speaks of Negativity
Revenge speaks of Hypocrisy
Revenge speaks of Split Persons
Revenge speaks of Utter Nonsense

I can go on and on
what I really want
to say is
please learn to choose Forgiveness
learn to choose Trust
learn to choose Wise words
learn to choose Patience
learn to choose Tolerance
learn to choose Positivity

Mother Daughter Relation

Relations speak for itself
Mother daughter relation
She-Mom cares, nurtures, encourages
She-Daughter learns, learns, learns
It is the most beautiful relation
God created
Mother and Daughter keeps going
from one strength to the other
Daughter becomes the bestest friend of Mom
Mom shares the dreams aspirations
still becoming the Hope for the Daughter
when the daughter feels scattered in her Life
The truth is Mother is the Nature Mother
who keeps on giving, giving and giving
like patiently waiting for the seedling to grow
into a strong Tree!