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Dew Drops Of Peace

A Soul is Peaceful
When you feel the Peace within
That Peace has more Positive vibes
That Peace can Heal hundred other souls
It knows how to be a Rock in the storm
It knows how to be a Cactus in the desert
Since Peace only enters when own Soul is @ Calm
It finds the answers to questions
Not being asked but replies from within!

Deep Inside My Heart

Deep inside My Heart
I crave for the Solitude
I am so much tired
of Giving

I need to enrich Thyself Again

before returning to Life
which attracts Me like
A Magnet to the Iron & Iron ores

Deep inside My Heart
I crave to search
a peaceful place
where I can atleast share
the agonies and hurts
that happened last couple of weeks

I want to vent out; out loud
so I can again find the way back to the Crowd

Hollow Nights

The nights screech the never worn out Soul
The Soul can never distinguish
between the Day and Night
It is so used to living in the Night
it can hardly stand the crowd, the fun
It pulls the curtains
exclaims, retires, surrenders
To the Night with Wholeness of Belonging
It never sleeps though
it only remains wide awake
and reminds the nights
when the Moon was waxing and waning
The reminder strong settling
in the Mind and Thoughts
never will Thee Soul Awake
from this Sleep!