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The Destroying Word-DOUBT

This Life of mine
I learned One brooding word- DOUBT

This word has the Capability and Capacity
to make human relations
from Good to Worse
It is so POWERFUL that it can make
the Heart weak, the Brain rage
with Revenge or sadden
the situation or circumstance
One might find Thee!

So please : If in in Doubt
consult the Individual or look out for ways to solve
rather than strike back and Revenge
which is an action which can never be taken back.

A New Chapter

A New Chapter
always opens in every Individual’s Life
No matter it was asking it or not!

We always wish for the BEST
Hopeful about being positive vibes
That’s Life as we know

Accepting what is coming forth
is a Welcoming Hopeful Vibration
to any given situation

Never being desperate
taking each step small at a TIME
is more of a movement
that we all are PROGRESSING
in LIFE!

Growing Up- An Optional Choice

Growing up is an Optional Choice
Some make it with the responsibilities
which too are choices
Some make it with the priorities
which they have to take up without any Choice available

There are many who never grow up
they end up being Selflishly taking care and nurturing Thee Self
Nothing much of a Difference
that it makes in their lives
they Love themselves to the extend -they view themselves Always RIGHT

Priorities and Responsibilities
are mostly Karma- the Deeds
that One has to take care of
because One is Lucky enough
to Nurture and Care as much the others Cared and Nurtured Thy self!
It is not everyone’s Cup of Tea or Coffee
But when a choice has been made have to stick to the it
till the last promise is Fulfilled

Meeting Of The Ocean & Seas In Philosophy

I meet a lot of Souls
in the Path in the Journey
of My Life
Intriguing are the innate Souls
which Broaden My Horizon
Where I can see
the Sun and The Moon
touching the Horizon
the meeting point
being the Ocean and Seas
of Philosophical Thoughts

God Sets The Appointments

There is a moment
where One happens to have little
but we still Share it with Someone
Not necessarily Special
Someone We care
See a Spark in the Young or Old Eyes
The Voice is not Pretentious nor Fake

I Share and Care
with those individuals
whom God made Me meet
they were the Ones
God wanted Me to Learn, Experience
something which I was not experiencing
It is not a Lesson that I am learning
But an Experience
which is Higher thoughts which sets me Free – Care Free

When I am surrounded by the people
whom I have known whole My Life
I cannot be Me sometimes!
I cannot be the CareFree Me
which lets Me DOWN as an Individual
in the growing process
I have many places to visit
I do not want to be bondaged
by the nickels and dimes all the time
There is the Sun to Touch
The Moon to be Explored!

Pensive Thoughts

The Moon is no longer in my View
I cannot see it as much I wondered around
to get a Glimpse of it
I am in a Pensive thought process Today
My Mind has gone in the depths of Ocean
My Heart not in place it seems
My thoughts and Mind are diving a little inch
to find the Light inside the Ocean
At the moment they are in deep work
Its a Day where I wish not to speak a Word
I just wanna sunk in the Ship
which gets deep inside the Ocean
until some one comes Searching, Reaching For Me!

Addition In Life

Add depth to your observation
Add nurture to your nature
Add care to your Being
Be the way You want to be
Be the way You can be loved in your stupid thoughts
Be the child whom even a Child would love to care for
Be the Sweetheart and a Darling to the Hearts You keep meeting
Once in a while!

In Search of New Land

In search of new land
I travel
the highs and lows
to understand
the depth of the
river, sea and ocean
the sky which has
more altitude
The Hope which
marks my vision
I am driven by my
to discover
the new Land
To set foot
Plant the new seeds
of grass, flowers and fruits
that I am carrying
Can anything be of
such beauty as the
Passion each one of
us carrying and moving
forward with.

To be and Let It Be

One day each one
of us will grow
to see and be
We will watch and view
everything like a matured
whose branches have reached
new heights
whose roots have gone deep
inside the soil
we will then understand
and know that
what, how and when
we contributed, shared, loved
liked, inspired, hoped
being a child to an old matured
we will know how much
humane we were and are
what mistakes lead
us to the hope
and opened the doors of
new opportunities
did we resource and recycle
time well
did we listen and understand
the people we had a chance
to meet
like an old tree
we will know
what lead us to what
be it do it and
just do not sit
and watch,
actions has to be done
to be and let it be!