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His Gift

His words carry the vibration 

of a positive outlook  

in the darkest cave within a Soul

where the natural lights cannot penetrate

in the grim hours of the Soul

His immense power lies 

in the way he can penetrate 

to see the soul of a Lady

through his mindful eyes!

Never regress the gift

the universe has bestowed You with.

Beating The Blues And Grey Shades

Compassion and Humanity
Are enzyme and substrate
bonded together
No matter how badly
One is Bruised, wounded
A strong willed, determined Mind & Heart
will never leave the Compassion and Humanity
what One can do will always do
No Soul should be left out
of the Touch and Feel
of the Compassionate and Humane Heart
It will be sought after!

What is Life
after all
if we do not see the
Smiling faces of our Loved Ones
For the Humane persons
that goes out
for every one
to be Beaming with Smiles
It touches their Own Heart
that the set Goal for themselves
in the One Direction
to be Able to make
as many Hearts and Souls
brimming with Positivity!

Life or rightly said Experiences lets us know Who we are genuinely in the Heart All of us copes with situations but did it settle in the sand of your heart Calmly Hold on to your heart when everything is giving the perfect nuisance, The Storm will calm not today, not tomorrow, but one fine day everything will make Sense, so hold on to your heart tightly!

One DAY- Happy Day

One day You will be
You encouraged yourself
to let the WORDS out a Voice
You will live Peacefully
that You did a Thing
out of the BOX
Something which no one
ever thought You CAN
It is about Encouragement and Being Hopeful
Nothing Bugging and Hurting
any Individual

A New Chapter

A New Chapter
always opens in every Individual’s Life
No matter it was asking it or not!

We always wish for the BEST
Hopeful about being positive vibes
That’s Life as we know

Accepting what is coming forth
is a Welcoming Hopeful Vibration
to any given situation

Never being desperate
taking each step small at a TIME
is more of a movement
that we all are PROGRESSING
in LIFE!