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Second Marriage & Society

The tingling of anew life

a new sun, horizon …..

she found second love

new vows again,

everyday she went through

the roads of prickled thorns

for choosing to live with new love

breaking her first vows of many years

questioned for choosing

to live life on her terms!

How fair is it

that a Society chooses

to storm her life

with questions to what she chooses

to do with her Life!


Break no Heart, break no Peace, Though break Rules and dogma if any! Be still breathing within, hidden is the Nature’s nurturing truth that we all wish to Share, with someone we truly feel & touch, In our Life in this Blue Planet called Earth. ~ Thy Heart, My Heart ~

Deep Inside My Heart

Deep inside My Heart
I crave for the Solitude
I am so much tired
of Giving

I need to enrich Thyself Again

before returning to Life
which attracts Me like
A Magnet to the Iron & Iron ores

Deep inside My Heart
I crave to search
a peaceful place
where I can atleast share
the agonies and hurts
that happened last couple of weeks

I want to vent out; out loud
so I can again find the way back to the Crowd