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My Friend You will never be a happy Soul a Humane being doing all the negate deeds, Still have Fun doing what You do best, Revenging a Friend who stood by You all these years – thought You matured and Childlike when You spoke negate words about many, I calmed Your anxiety nerves sang You a lullabuy to make sleep in your painful days of Transformation to the New You! Henceforth, I will always remember You as – A friend lost, a Foe made for nothing, A life’s lesson not learned nor taught but intuitively knew all these years how much You were and still are JEALOUS of me for no reasons whatsoever! Let God give You peace in your old age and some particles of ‘sensibility’ be pixie dusted on this Christmas as You go to the Church on Christmas Eve.

It does make You happy after Hurting me, Does it give You Motivation? after making my Soulmate go away an inch further! It does make You happy after Revenging me for nothing, Not once, twice, thrice but for nth number of times, It makes You feel Happy and Contented after making me look like a Painting with the wrong colors. I can say only one sentence to You- You are Sad Soul.

No Home But Luxurious Rentals For Parents

Did parents put their Child
to a Special Care Home
with full of Luxuries available
at the Snap of the fingers.
Did Parents gift the Child
with the Sun or The Moon
when they stubbornly cried
to show affection with
the Wealth they had worked for.
Did the Parents not give in
to the gibberish talks of the Child.
Did the Parents not
bathe, fed, and sang a song to
the Goodnight’s sleep.


So what Changed TODAY?
That Children
have no time
to Listen, Pamper, shower Affection
and above all give Love
to their beloved Parents.

What is all about having
a Nurse or put them in a luxurious Old Age Home
to take care
for the One and only Parents
who Created, Nurtured and Love
The Child always.

Why do some Child show
their back when needed the Most.

Art Of Action

How many of us truly dares
to do something Once or many times
in Life
Which was daring!

Not the ‘first time’ kind of thing

Precious moment which One’s friends
never ever thought You will end up
knowing as ‘Wow. You did that’ 🙂

Once in a lifetime, just dare to
steal incredible space
in someone’s Heart
by making them look at You
and keep ‘Smiling at Your art of action!’

If A Relationship Comes To An END, Get A New Lease Of LIFE

Sometimes I wonder are we receptive to ideas and new changes and New beginnings. Many of us will vaguely reply ‘Yes’. But in reality check we most of the times Love to stick to the old ways and try to compromise and adjust to the old situations which is no longer suitable for our Growth. And that Growth which I am speaking is in a Love Relationship. What happened what could have changed and adjusted when such things could not take place and the Sun rises and still we find ourselves unhappy, the great day tells us that time has come to change and take a NEW ROUTE and set our lives on that path. What will happen and how will happen is the possible questions which comes to any one’s mind. But once we set our foot to the new best possible we will see the brighter days. Sticking to the old we never give anyone of us the chance to see the NEW AVATAR of ourselves!

Relations of the Love happens but when things get out of control and an example has to be set for self that ‘Yes we indeed need to get out of the stagnant relationship, Yes one has to take the necessary possible steps.’ We need to wake our mind and Heart for that matter and tell our Soul “look things are going to work for our best so get yourself out of this punishing relation which one has committed too.” All of us have a fear of venturing into places we have never set our foot on. But is it not true that there is always the first time. Take the initiative to look beyond and keep behind the bad situations and the relationship which has made your Heart sick. Living with a person who is no longer in the heart and trying to convince self that matters will be fine one day is looking for the ‘Blue Moon’ which never appears to be BLUE!

Get up and take situations in your own hands because that is your own life, and it so happens that whatever is happening in Life is because of the experiences God wants us to experience. Donot and try not to blame the other person, why? because that person knowingly or unknowingly has no idea what he or she is doing. If God wants we might meet the same person one day and they might happen to give the explanation how much they Loved you!

Never think that we are not worth the Love that we were showering on another person, it so happens that this particular person due to some inevitable reasons cannot carry on the relationship.