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Drinking From The Fountain Of Youth


We are born as Living Beings

who are Gonna perish into ashes, decay

Our Spirits are going to wait until we come back Born Anew!

So, why Waste Time! 

why come to this Lovely Earth

waste it around-Betrayal, Disloyalty, Doubt

why waste Time in this Infinite Conspiracy Theories!

Is anyone drinking from the –Fountain of Youth!

Wish I could say couple of words mentioned above to many individuals whom I have met in this Life. They break into the Space Station where they make it Impossible to break the Jinx, live their Life forever doubting every other Individual they come across! They are not dealing with no Psychotic Disorder! They have met with one misfortune and make it an Epic Story of a Lifetime. They believe that every individual they have met and are meeting on this life path are the persons who are going to betray, be disloyal, mistrust and sell their Life story if they let them into their Life. Life is too short not to take Risks. One is going to miss all the Fun if One never takes a step!

The sea is deep, its known for its Depth, its depth is measured only by Few why? Many have fear and misconceptions and overthink in their Mind, They belief they can never see the bottom of the sea life that lives in harmony, they belief there are sea monsters or mermaids who will make them like one of them! They never take on the Advanture and live with the Fear, until someone does swim in the deep sea
voila come Alive with the adventure to be told many, many years later too they had experienced an Adventure of a Lifetime!

The Choices that we make had already chosen us, Sticking to the Decision like glue tells us and others if we are man or lady enough to be taken SERIOUSLY! Do we have enough guts, risk taking attitude and strategy: To be or not to be! We all know what we want in life- the question is how Far are you willing to go for it?


Every one has or might go through the DUNGEONS of Darkness
That Darkness only Suffocates thoroughly
Scratching the Mind
Making the Soul difficult to Breathe
Only the Souls who are Brave enough
to Risk will make it out from the Maze
that the DARKNESS is playing

Never give in to the Darkness of HOPELESSNESS!


Courage comes when One wants
to deal with the Fear forever
One will start taking the steps
to the Risk it never dreamt of
It is the beginning where One might find ALONE
Never worry it is the sign that others will follow in
As they can understand that You will not betray your own Faith!

Set An Example

I always wondered how can a person set an example, and Yes a day arrives in each individual’s life when the opportunity knocks the door and it questions “would you like to do an action or be a mere viewer like the rest of the many people?” Some set aside and think and being not able to decide what to do say that we would be neutral and take no sides of the people who takes action and the reactions the other side takes. So that is decided. Now comes the dart on the people who are always eager to set an example on doing something too much anxious on the idea of the ACTION. By default they have no idea that their actions will set a good example or set a reaction which they never dreamed off! True to their Mars on which ever action house of their horoscope they set out on the battle field with out strategically planning and having no research done on the work. So they end up being on the wrong side of ‘Setting An Example’ which should have a positive impact on many. I would like to add that there are many people who think that manipulation and taking advantage and or taking granted of an individual can set an example. I am sure most of us have gone through certain such phases in Life.

But the persons who will take actions in the right sense to ‘set an Example’ are the people who will be wise enough to share the right words and thoughts at the moment needed and required. It necessarily doesnot have to come through age but certain experiences in a Life time of small span can bring a person to the maturity which lets the person speak and let the others know what is right sometimes by doing the wrong thing in the masses and doing the perfect right thing when in times of risk and guts needed.

So in Life try to set examples which I entirely wondered how can it be done, but there are times when the Universe gives the opportunity to set an example it is that right moment when one should know how to make the right impact and follow one’s instincts and guts!

Rise above every obstacle and show the World the true sense of commonsense and confidence with risk taking and guts what an example One can set with an wise sense. 🙂