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His Desire

He kissed many a lip to feel

Yet He yearns for the One

who would be breath taking moment

For Him

With whom He can connect 

With hearts and  feel one Soul

For that lips He desires

His lips has forever been dry for Her

His eyes wants to catch the glimpse 

of that Lost girl he sees in his lucid dream

He wants to hold Her for real this time!




Romantics are born! They themselves never realize it until they feel themselves, Heart-broken, some one robbed Thy Heart keeps happening to them, what keeps them so romantic at Heart? Eureka! Romantics are die-hard positive about what they need, its just passage of time machine where they will see a vase of their favorite flowers on a full Moon night!

Mutual Connection

The Sun rises and sets down
It goes Home
The Moon wakes up and sets the sensuality
of the Shimmer it gives the glitters
I stay wide awake and think
what a Storm it is Brewing
when the Clouds are waging a War
The War set by the Love Gods
not to put a Resolution and Solution
But of the innate Insecurities
which will always be there
until the Foundation is not set Strong
What can the Cupid do?
It just hit the Arrow at the Right Hearts
Certain matters are too be solved, dissolved by Humans
What can Hera do without the Mutual Agreement?

Sweep You From The Hindrance

I wish I could show You the Thousand Suns
The Burning RED MOON
The Dancing Stars

That is the Wish to sweep You from
the dwellings and hindrance that Your Heart
bubbles and never questions about!

You will be glad to the sight seeing
that will keep You laughing and crying
because of the Jokes I crack with a Wink! 😉

Arise from the petty issues
I am there Waiting for You

The Benevolence Of A Postcard

The ship had started out from London early morning as 6 A.M. knowing that the wind is in favour. Summers are much fun in London to be in. Ms. Cathy was very excited to sail with her mother Mrs Rose Harper who is distinguished and an honorable lady in the up class society was having a good time being pretty much occupied with other two ladies who are also headed to India. Mrs. Rose was a person who was an intelligent lady with a good sense of fair judgement and knew how to take care of the situation. It was quiet a time when Mrs Rose has not seen Mr. Harper, her husband in two years in which she missed him a lot and wanted to be with him. So the time was right to sail with her two other friends to visit India. Mrs. Rose’s friend Mrs. Dorothy Parker had visited India last year meeting her husband and son. Mrs. Dorothy had a good time staying in India and made couple of Indian friends too. She has a good sense of humour, the room would just light up as she enters and people really enjoyed her company making her more of people’s friends. She never has any evil nature with an intention to hurt any person on purpose. The other lady was visiting for the first time Ms. Margaret Anderson who lost her husband due to brain fever, for a change of air. Thinking good for her, Mrs. Rose and Mrs. Dorothy coaxed her to visit India which would help uplifting her spirits. Ms. Margaret was skeptical at first but later joined them. Ms. Margaret was somewhat of quiet nature and never really spoke too much only when asked for would reply.

As the ship had started off from the dock, Ms. Cathy met with James which made Cathy happy about to keep her accompanied during the days till the ship reached India. Ms. Cathy was a beautiful lady with sharp features with blue eyes which just lit when she was happy and losses its spark when she is sad. Such is the innocence she carried in her eyes which was truly genuine. That really did not make her foolish she was an intelligent lady well versed in literature, history. In all Ms. Cathy was a person whose company any man would desire for a conversation.

James Thomson was a handsome man who was intelligent, well-mannered and well behaved. He grew up in the Estate with his parents and a sister. Education being a must, he studied in Oxford University with History as Major. Having passion to know and study about monuments made him travel widely and this time travelling to India. He was travelling with his friend Mr. George Graham who have visited India time to time on business. He is a merchant for antique things so he travelled to India on many occasions. George being of the same height did not have the good features but had ways to charm people to keep him going on his ways.

James was pretty occupied with meeting Cathy when he headed towards his room, didnot see Ms Margaret watched the scene from a distance and dramatically changed the direction of vision which could have been noticed by Cathy. Cathy was too preoccupied with herself to notice Margaret that she was walking the way to the tea room where her mother was playing bridge with Mrs. Dorothy.

*Happy Reading*