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I and Galaxy

In Solace I live
The peace I found in Heart
comes from deep reaching to the Self
Which I almost completely Forgot

When One reaches to the inner Self
One will find the Freedom which One forgets about
That freedom is the Space where One connects with
The Being Self and The Universe

The Whirlwind Life

When was the last time You encouraged yourself
to move forward and step out of the Hibernating shell
Why are You hiding in the crowd
One day One has to answer all the questions
that God has worked on as an Examiner
what does it mean if You keep dodging most of the time
The time itself will catch hold of You!

Let not the sympathies move You out
Let the empathy and showing You
the right and wrong much difficult
to look make You walk the path
Remove the obstacles out of your own whirlwind life!

Looking Forward To Life

We lead our lives with foolishness sometimes
There comes a day when fooling around is no longer
what we intend
We question and become inquisitive about our lives to lead
The answers really follows with us where the question comes
We are no longer a child we mature becoming an adult
We have to take up our life as a responsible adult
what will fooling around always achieve
come to the reality where One never wanted to be
Come to the place where You know what to be looking forward too

One’s Heart Never Lies

Do not sulk in unhealthy relations
If Your heart knows that You are not
meant to be with this person
get out of the relation
Keep it healthy from the outside
being a friend forever
but not as a Lover
If You have committed also
Look within your own Heart
and answer the question
Are You happy with yourself being the person
Your Heart will never lie to You
You bet!

Still Photography

Capture My eye color
My hairs flowing, the color of my hair
understand the way I put my fingers
around the bunch of Flowers
The floral printed skirt flowing
with the wind
I want You to capture every shot
in all the right light
Do not miss a Single tone and mood
in the Still photography
that You are memorizing with Your
Naked Eyes

Love Yourself That Is Respecting Yourself

Love yourself that love yourself is not a selfish love towards yourself but will certainly teach you to love the passions and make you follow the dreams which you have cherished and wanted the persons and strangers to know about what are we is that we want to make an impression and leave a mark in people’s heart and brain. Be the person who can make a difference in the society for that one needs to understand that self love will make that work towards that dreams come true. Understand that simple word of loving self is an important mission and vision to respect self and make an curvature in your world which we all live in. That understanding will only come when our dream is so much on our mind that we are nothing but gong to make the people know what we are here to make a huge difference in the world.

Support your heart mind and brain by taking those steps in life and making that mark in the world of yours. People and the loved ones might not understand at first but in times they will understand why you love yourself and what difference it is making in your life. Follow none but follow the mentor who have a huge experience, never follow even your mentor blindly. Understand your passions and dreams and what are the right steps which makes you work hard to the steps. Be brave and courageous. Have guts and take risks.