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In A World Of Kalyug

I had once set my path with an unsuitable person

thinking maybe that’s the destiny

universe removed it – Proved its point thoroughly.

But in this world of kalyug

of selfishly motivated individuals

why do I still have faith

that someone, somewhere,

a suitable person does exist.

Distancing From Problems

Situations in Life arises where One finds
In the greatest Difficult of times
So what does the individuals
Surrounding your life Do?
Some of them will run away
The minute they hear that you are trouble
Certain individuals will Sympathize, do nothing
Yet another group of individuals will help
You in the trouble, because they need your help
Where You denied trying not to choose the wrong path
Only a few will help with GOOD SOUL within them!

Jealousy In The Heart

Jealousy is a mind game
where the Loser wants to win
with a score thinking it has the weakness known
Are the Losers so accustomed to the habit
of doing just about anything
murdering a Soul too

It takes a huge courage
to repel in a Heart
with the hands with the blood of the Soul

Nothing is known about the antibiotic
for jealousy
How can it be so inhumane to take away
the rightful Rights of the Soul

I hear the jealous minds never heard about KARMA

Share the Joy, Happiness and Smile

Give someone the Power of Joy
Give someone the Power of Happiness
Share that Smile which we share
with our Loved ones
Make an visual impact
Make an audible impact
Make that impact which
is possible in
each one of our hands
what is so difficult
that we are not able to make
a single person
Is Happiness and Smile
so costly that
we are getting
are we becoming
so selfish
that we hear no cries
we hear no pain
what is our lives
if we are not able to
bring Joy, Happiness and Smile
to be Shared!

Why is Love so Lost?

I love you, You Love me,
But where is the Love Lost,
Why is Love so lost,
Why do we look in different directions,
Why we lose the happiness
Once we were so happy to see in our eyes,
Why we disagree with ourselves,
Why we cause pain to ourselves,
Why we make painful accusations,
Why we take revenge with each other,
We love each other, than why become selfish,
Why not listen to each other,
Why become the pain for each other.

Why Be A Compassionless Human

Do we have patience for any person in today’s daily routine. We are so much into our lives that we hardly get time to be speak to the neighbor living next door. We are so much consumed in our goals and achievements making the materialistic substances that we are drowned and trapped in our little world, having no time and making no time for the loved ones followed by a relaxed talk. What has time come to where we are fulfilling our ambitious goals and tell that we are making the mark for our family we are actually not seating and having a good talk. If one can remember our parents did work or is working, but they made time to take care when we were ill, and meeting deadlines of their jobs too. Parents did have the time to know what was happening in our world, when we were lost, directionless or not making any progress. They are the pillar of strength in our distressful times.

Today’s days are more of talking in ‘bullet points’ to the mark as it seems we are giving a presentation and have no time left for anything to be done.Our parents too had 24 hours a day and we too have the same number of 24 hours.

Anyone’s parents had time in their youth not only to take care of their children but made time for their parents, relatives and friends and aquaintance. God knows how they managed it. In today’s given time people are becoming more closer to friends and aquaintance who are in the same gene pool of ideas. We have become less tolerant and a lot impatient towards the society that is changing and transforming every day.

What made it worse is the distance was to be blamed at there time, where parents were not able to reach on time for certain occasions, but what is keeping our generation so much pre-occupied is the communication we hardly make with the close community at large. We always love our privacy a lot, making an assurance that none knows about what is happening in someone’s life or are we too nosey to know what is happening in someone’s live. The other point is we donot trust even our known relatives sometimes we are so much concerned and if someone even tries to help we become way to much selfish or the other way round. We are none trusting individuals who make a lot of noise and when the time comes to show what we can do for the community we run away mostly from the responsibilities letting ourselves believe that it is not our headache, we really never volunteer for good causes until we see the opportunity or a selfish motive of ours which can be fulfilled. We end up boasting egos of people who are already selfish, opportunistic.

It seems that we have ‘murdered’ our souls and if not that ‘sold’ at high price so in that ways we are never able to see the truth and never fight for the compassion which made us from a toddler to a grown up compassionless human!
Think about it!

*Happy Reading*