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Feelings Require Courage

Mastering courage to speak One’s words
may not seem Exciting for many

Somewhere on this Planet Earth
there are humans who will always Share
what they Felt

Never do they do such an Action
to come to spot Light
there are many ways to come to the spot light

Feelings are the ways in which
One will always express no matter
how difficult it has been

And it will require some amount of
Feelings really need to be expressed
and brought to Surface to make a
Positive impact.

Deep Inside My Heart

Deep inside My Heart
I crave for the Solitude
I am so much tired
of Giving

I need to enrich Thyself Again

before returning to Life
which attracts Me like
A Magnet to the Iron & Iron ores

Deep inside My Heart
I crave to search
a peaceful place
where I can atleast share
the agonies and hurts
that happened last couple of weeks

I want to vent out; out loud
so I can again find the way back to the Crowd

Road Trip

There are roads which One is walking
There are many strangers who will share the road
with Thee
Some will help Thee to keep pace with the Time
Others might and will try to deceive from the Road
That is the quality and quantity that We end up meeting
on this Road Trip
The trip is One’s own smart work and Hard work
But Something will make Thee Stop at some point
to take care and nurture
to help and guide
That should not stop Thee from the Walk
that One has shown to Walk


My Heart sees a Thousand candles
A Thousand candles You lit in My Heart
The Thought of You carries Me forward
Looking ahead with the Memories we will build

My ears hear bells ringing
with a particular sound
That sound sends Ripples in my Heart
My pulse seems to be in TUNE with the bells

I see You everywhere in front of Me
Nah! I am not INSANE
I am just Happy feeling You!

Mother Daughter Relation

Relations speak for itself
Mother daughter relation
She-Mom cares, nurtures, encourages
She-Daughter learns, learns, learns
It is the most beautiful relation
God created
Mother and Daughter keeps going
from one strength to the other
Daughter becomes the bestest friend of Mom
Mom shares the dreams aspirations
still becoming the Hope for the Daughter
when the daughter feels scattered in her Life
The truth is Mother is the Nature Mother
who keeps on giving, giving and giving
like patiently waiting for the seedling to grow
into a strong Tree!

My Dreams Wants To See The Light

I am Fearful
of sharing
my dreams
which I vision every
single day and night
whilst I might
be crucified
for thinking
out of text
but If I
donot share
how will I
know if someone
else visions thee same!
Share those wild
adventurous Dreams
which can be
put piece by piece
and maze field
I was dreaming
can become
the playground

Share Your Pain

Pain in the Heart
every One has one
Share it with
the pain in the Heart
Do not become
like a sediment Stone
Sharing never hurt
why be elusive
why not be the one
who can heal
one’s own pain
and get to know
how to get over it
So many of us go
through heartaches
look around and see
the others how they
contribute and get to know
themselves in that process
get an understanding
the root cause of the pain
deal with your own pain
and heal a many