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Hollow Nights

The nights screech the never worn out Soul
The Soul can never distinguish
between the Day and Night
It is so used to living in the Night
it can hardly stand the crowd, the fun
It pulls the curtains
exclaims, retires, surrenders
To the Night with Wholeness of Belonging
It never sleeps though
it only remains wide awake
and reminds the nights
when the Moon was waxing and waning
The reminder strong settling
in the Mind and Thoughts
never will Thee Soul Awake
from this Sleep!


We all go through phases early or late in life where we need encouragement. We look for motivation. There are times when our mentor cannot be found or a mentor is not there to guide and advice us in that situation what does a person do. Fall back and cry on the situations or do something about it.

This kind of situation is a learning ground where one will know about oneself the most. Be a motivator to self. Believe and give faith to self. Make your present life worthy of living. It’s a tough situation when one finds amidst a situation where one is falling apart and no one around has the time or know how to help you out with the crisis.

Rescue yourself out!

Have the outmost Courage and deal with inner demons and fears which has lead to whatever situation you need to deal with. Love yourself. The more love one gives the more you will be in a position to help yourself out of the situation.

Take care of yourself. Give yourself time to take care of your health, these are the times one tends to over indulge in food or eat nothing at all. Take the most important meals of the day and night, donot punish yourself for whatever situation one is going through. Take rest whenever one feels fatigue. Donot and try not to over indulge yourself in remembering the situation by playing of thoughts.

Whatever had to happen has happened.

Take time out from the situation, share your thoughts to tackle with your Inner self, take time to Heal from within yourself.Surrender yourself to your oneself! Pamper yourself with what you love doing.

Follow your passions and creativity. Get yourself enrolled in dance classes it really helps as it is a form of exercise and gives a rhythm in the body, or join singing or painting or sculpturing or anything out of your daily work schedule which is off beat and helps you manage your thought process. Join Yoga classes it really helps to make a person going through stressful situations to get into focus. Remember never neglect your health and sleep, two very important things which should be disciplined no matter what whirlwind is happening in your mind.

The conflicting thoughts that one tends to have can get no answers at the moment so wait for the the right time.

Donot blame people for whatever has happened to you, it was really the time or the the Karma if you know and believe in which has really made it happen. Help yourself out of the situation by taking time whatever the cause of depression it be. Boast your mind to venture out and do many things which keeps one more happy, Never fall prey to the wrongful acts and behaviour, because every action we do specially at this depressing period will have reactions too which one might not have imagined off!

Donot back off or hide your feelings from yourself, be honest to your feelings and emotions. Stand tall to your shadow, people might leave but your image and your shadow will never leave you in your sunniest days as well in your darkest days. Do not stop loving yourself. Remember whatever is happening or happened has a cause which our Karma will only explain how we deal with the situations.

People close by you might not be able to help you out with the Inner self that you are. Donot blame them for not helping you out with the situations, they too are not sure what and how can they help you with the situations.

Truly believe in self and surrender to the Inner you whom you will discover while getting to the track of life which got derailed! Love yourself know matter what or how bad the situation or circumstances are thrown into!

*Happy Reading*