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I and Galaxy

In Solace I live
The peace I found in Heart
comes from deep reaching to the Self
Which I almost completely Forgot

When One reaches to the inner Self
One will find the Freedom which One forgets about
That freedom is the Space where One connects with
The Being Self and The Universe

Alien Spaceships Or Supersonic Spaceships

Witness a New World
in your presence
where you are
the witness
to the Almighty’s
what really happens
at dark are
not things
much followed
by many
when there
are many stars
which are dying
at a speed
which can be caught
with simple sight

There are many lights
shining like ‘fire glow’ insects
very far away and
in a distance
making a Me
wonder are
these Aliens Spaceship
which are wandering
or are they
Supersonic spaceships
which have no sound
attached to them?

Keeping SPACE

Give the space,
Keep the space,
Never eat the space,
Keep the pace,
Have patience,
Be tolerant,
Have the faith,
Faith and Trust which are like
Bread and Butter,
Never mistrust your instincts,
One’s believes can make the one,
Make self flexible and adjusting,
Give gratitude,
Never shy away from responsibilities.
Above all keep the space and give the SPACE,
To all loved ones!