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This Summer Fire My HEART

This Summer I want
My Soul to quench its thirst
My Heart to be filled with happiness
This Summer as the sun soars high
makes the Earth all charged up
I want my Soul to fill the urge to be connected
My Heart singing the tune in madness
This Summer I want
My Soul to not cry for rain
My Heart not filling the Heat
But should it not be thy Heart whose thirst must be quenched.

Optimist’s Medicine

Every human is living
a life which is this Life
as we all know
why not make our life
count for the deed
that we are here to
make someone smile
why not make some one
say ‘oh! you made me
laugh so much that
I am in tears out of Joy’
‘when I see You I smile
for no reasons’
Be that reason and smile
in every human and living
beings lives
It is not easy a ‘task’ to
make anyone bring out off
the saddness and grim
but why not give that
a try
why not be the Sunshine
and the Moonlight!
At least try Once

Opposite’s Love!

May be I never
understood you
the way
you wanted me to
see the world, your vision
and your words
May be I
never understood
each others view points
but does that
opposites never attract
what is life like
if the sun never sets
and the moon never rises
no one will
like live in a place
where one can
never distinguish
the difference between
the 24 hours which
the Sun and Moon
helps us to do!

A Unique Day Every Day

one day I fly
with the wind
One day I travel
by the land
Some days I
get energy from the Sun
Other days I
get light from the Moon
Each day is an unique day
by itself
no matter what I do
I see the Sun and Moon
in different lights
each day
Some days I get burned
from the Sun’s heat
so is the pressure test which
leaves me burned
Other days I wish to see
the Moon but wander around
the dark sky with lots of
Some days I get drowned
by the force of water
Other days the wind blows
too much to stand still
So is the Pressure Test
so much weighing at times
I encounter that leaves
me with the thought
Am I on the right path
or drowned by my own thoughts
But there comes Hope in terms
of Angels like the little
stars and air and
I start acknowledging
that God surely
is with me
in my Heart
Encouraging me to follow
My Path