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Guilty are the individuals
who will hide their Sins
Attack the innocent, make them look Dishonest
It is not that the truth will not reveal itself
But for the time being
The Guilty enjoys the ride- Scenario
of playing the Honest, Sympathetic & Manipulating details
Fools are those who are Bondaged by
Confusions and Doubts.

Hollow Nights

The nights screech the never worn out Soul
The Soul can never distinguish
between the Day and Night
It is so used to living in the Night
it can hardly stand the crowd, the fun
It pulls the curtains
exclaims, retires, surrenders
To the Night with Wholeness of Belonging
It never sleeps though
it only remains wide awake
and reminds the nights
when the Moon was waxing and waning
The reminder strong settling
in the Mind and Thoughts
never will Thee Soul Awake
from this Sleep!

Pain Teaches A Lesson

Pain never makes One suffer
It is the pain which makes One see the truth
which We were not looking with the Microscope
what or where it leads us is the place
where we change or transform forever
We no longer feel the pain
as we are working on the subject of the pain felt
Believe Me pain comes when we have the rosy glasses on
To deal with pain is we start working on it
Never suffer and keep suffering
every pain gets out of the Heart
and we once again jump to the Ocean of where we were travelling
All is well!

They Do Not Know What They Are Doing

When in pain let no one deceit You
If You have been hurt by many
Forgive them, because You the Power
within You to let it go
Let the revengeful take their acts
But do a favor do not submit yourself
to them
But least You can do is always
keep forgiving their words and actions
‘They do not know what they are doing’

I, Surrender

I always fought
against the God’s will
thinking that waging War against Him
will bring the Destiny I always desired to have
Alas! God made sure with all his tactful Strategic ways
that I am his Puppet in his hands
So I gladly surrender to his wishes and remain peaceful and calm
when there is a war within my Mind
when there is a war within my Heart
when I cannot do nothing in the situations
situations which are beyond My Control
I know now that he check the temperature
of my Mind and Heart!