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The Whirlwind Life

When was the last time You encouraged yourself
to move forward and step out of the Hibernating shell
Why are You hiding in the crowd
One day One has to answer all the questions
that God has worked on as an Examiner
what does it mean if You keep dodging most of the time
The time itself will catch hold of You!

Let not the sympathies move You out
Let the empathy and showing You
the right and wrong much difficult
to look make You walk the path
Remove the obstacles out of your own whirlwind life!

Be The Shade, Quench The Thirst, Be A Human

You need to be a Believer
to follow the path
You have set on

One cannot claim the path
One cannot judge the path
One cannot reassure the significance
of the path

Until One has walked a Mile
The Miles
Under the Scorching Sun
The Dark Night
The Stormy Rain
The Chilling Cold

One can never understand
the Path Someone else is walking

So next Time and again
when You and I see, watch
An individual walking that
Extra Mile
why not offer the shade of the Tree
from the Scorching Sun
why not offer water
to quench the thirst

At times the battle looks
for that Individual
but it is the History and Knowledge
in the Battle
which will become part of the
History we will be!