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In A World Of Kalyug

I had once set my path with an unsuitable person

thinking maybe that’s the destiny

universe removed it – Proved its point thoroughly.

But in this world of kalyug

of selfishly motivated individuals

why do I still have faith

that someone, somewhere,

a suitable person does exist.

In The Stillness Of The Forest

In the Darkness of the Night

Glowed the Moon

The Owl hooted as if the night Vision belonged Only to it

The stillness of the River flowing 

The Aquatic Life slept Peacefully

The forest glowed in the songs

That the Magicians sang in Unison

To call and thank the Spirits of the Universe

The Universe absorbed the Song and Vibes

Gifted the Magicians with Powers to keep the Light of Faith Always Shining!

The Experience Of Its Kind

The Newer You is the One who has gone

through the Experience of ‘Its kind’

the weirdness, the details, the opportunities, the absurds

were to be experienced only by You!

The Universe wanted You and only You

to have that experience

many of the individuals You met or will meet

will never understand your experiences

some of them will not even Belief it,

mostly they would be or has been Curious to know.

The experiences have really ‘shaped, changed and transformed

You to the new You which some will find weird not the same You

If You have a Flashback of your past

You really know know how You were

and how You are today

Every nano particle on the Earth, Water, Fire and Air

molded to the New You to experience the

New path that is waiting in Your journey called Life