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Time never asked Me “if I am utilizing it well”

Time never asked Me “if the walk in or walk out was appropriate”

Time never asked Me “how should I Value the given Time in my space”

Time never dejects Me

                   never does it reject Me

                                                         questions how, when, why, where 

                                                                                          I am going to utilize it!

                                                                                                                                    Time knows I value it!

Do not Die without letting the Individual know ‘You Love’, How, Why, When ….. might never be answered because Love seats in Life of a person as a ‘beacon of light-Faith’. So next time let Time and Gravity stand still for few moments of the Individual you Truly & Dearly Love by telling (S)He ‘I Love You’

Hold on to the thought which wakes you and doesnot let you sleep, Makes you see visions in your dreams, Those dreams are remembered as they repeat themselves every night in the subconscious state, Yes, your instincts are true there is the Light waiting for you when you find and reach the tunnel that you dug for many others to let them see what they see through it and find for themselves!

My Dreams Wants To See The Light

I am Fearful
of sharing
my dreams
which I vision every
single day and night
whilst I might
be crucified
for thinking
out of text
but If I
donot share
how will I
know if someone
else visions thee same!
Share those wild
adventurous Dreams
which can be
put piece by piece
and maze field
I was dreaming
can become
the playground

The Journey When Opportunity Bangs The Door

Opportunities of a life time comes when it suddenly arrives and we are found in midst of some ‘not going to have time’ kind of business in Life. But what should be done needs to be done we love the opportunities which we were aiming for. Good for us to know what we should be doing.
Accept nothing less when you know what you have set your eyes onto. Life never stops for the whinning babies. So support your dreams in a phase and keep working on it like an ANT. Why an ant since it is so hard working and smart working and determined in achieving the mission it has set on before the winters arrive. 🙂

Look out for the options which you never set your thought on, without that beautiful dream that you have on your mind and the brain working on it, you will never be focusing on the goal post.

The opportunist will take the opportunity without much of strategy and research, but if you are not one of the many opportunists then make sure you have enough ideas to carry yourself forward time and again. Believe and faith with the composed determination to set the dream into reality seats in our own hands. So donot lose any further time and set your path and cross all the hurdles which we intend to fear. Life has nothing to do with us if we never overcome fear. So that aspect of life has to be done with the better the sooner.

In case one wonders how the path will be while walking alone donot fear as many strangers will walk time to time to accompany us in this journey of the opportunity we are going to set the mark on. Blessed are the souls who will make us strong and provide with the warm wishes now and then when we are no longer visionary ourselves!

So believe in the dream which you have in our heart and keep working on it, because One never knows when opportunity comes at the Door and says “Hello”.

What are We Visionaries or Mere Followers?

Do we understand the vision
or we understand the mission
do we understand the Goal
or do we understand the Aim
do we understand the problem
or we understand the situation
do we understand the precaution
or do we understand the prevention
do we understand the opinion
or do we understand the judgement
Are we mere followers
or are we going to be the changers in the World