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Not In A Rush


 Rush Not To Create Anew Memories

A few humans evoke 

No, not to recall past memories

in motion to see the fractured heart.

Neither do they force afresh, anew beginning, 

to create a series of new memories.

They try to make the present walk 

worthwhile, enjoyable.

Without any false promise.



Road Trip

There are roads which One is walking
There are many strangers who will share the road
with Thee
Some will help Thee to keep pace with the Time
Others might and will try to deceive from the Road
That is the quality and quantity that We end up meeting
on this Road Trip
The trip is One’s own smart work and Hard work
But Something will make Thee Stop at some point
to take care and nurture
to help and guide
That should not stop Thee from the Walk
that One has shown to Walk


Courage comes when One wants
to deal with the Fear forever
One will start taking the steps
to the Risk it never dreamt of
It is the beginning where One might find ALONE
Never worry it is the sign that others will follow in
As they can understand that You will not betray your own Faith!