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Fact a Realistic Word

The Fact is a Real word!

Enough to make choices and decisions!

When I reply your question do not ask for the reasons and explanations

that has nothing to do with Me!

cause if You had understood at the first place

You would not have questioned at the first place 

You would have stood beside Me 

on the Journey of Life!

Life is a steep path

so steep and narrow 

is the path that one’s words and actions 

can cause to the cliff 

trying to understand should I or should I not 

“Quit My Life?”

Yeah, difficult to understand 

why I had to walk the path Alone

when I wanted Everyone to be with Me

for the Cause

But is it not true 

if You had understood the Reality

You would have been 

standing beside Me, and not question Me!

While giving the Light and Faith never Forget to keep in mind that they will not be there when you need. Thats the way God planned your trip on the Voyage you are on. Its your road trip to keep on your upbeat Tempo when your spirits get in the storm or dust that God is interested in checking by examining you with various tests. At the end of the voyage you will know the results yourself you neednot ask anyone not even God! You will thank him with folded hands that you realized the greater, determined You!

Far away from reach the planets has hightened senses to reach Us by making us inquisitive, curious, objective, mysterious, faithful, dreamy, ambitious, supportive, productive, goal oriented, nurturing, compassionate, determined, philosophical and a good Listener. It feels us and makes us the doers in terms of actions, guts, risk takers! Passionately going uphill without being waiting for any fellow Traveller such is the effect and forward mover. The mountain is tricky but the planets will make curiousity by showing the Unicorn. Travel as it must be as the journey of Life will end when your breath stops and never before that! Stop only to help with actions which will touch the heart Positively, speak less and use Right words to make the flow effectively to make the movement in Positivity. The planets faraway is making you breaking you to Build the new You be happy for the changes and transformation like a Butterfly out of caterpillar!

Staircase made of spongy clouds, stars to keep the company, Light of this year’s last Super Moon to reach You- Moon, my love. Gives Me immensce joy to behold and hug You tightly as you are out of reach atleast Scientifically! I always look forward to see you every month, you give Me my Mystic powers that others think as Magical pixie dusts. You give Me the energy which is making My Mind grow beautifully surly that has some use One day, if not Today! Thanks for protecting your Child keeping the Faith by giving thee mystic powers. Today no longer I wonder why one like Me the choosen One for the powerful Gift.

Revenge Speaks Of

Revenge speaks of Dead skin
Revenge speaks of Boring individuals
Revenge speaks of Cowards
Revenge speaks of Negativity
Revenge speaks of Hypocrisy
Revenge speaks of Split Persons
Revenge speaks of Utter Nonsense

I can go on and on
what I really want
to say is
please learn to choose Forgiveness
learn to choose Trust
learn to choose Wise words
learn to choose Patience
learn to choose Tolerance
learn to choose Positivity