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Whats Due or Debt? Necessarily doesnot have to be materialistic! It can be an Apology or a Thanks! Which never came out Due to reasons unknown. Before anyone seriously forgets give the Gratitude whole-heartedly!

The Moon And The Hearts

The Heart is where the Moon
carry the message
from the New Moon to the Full Moon
One’s Heart will get fonder and fonder
remembering the Heart which is stolen
Love is always in the Air
carried precisely by the Moon
Wish I was the Moon
and carried my Heart and seen You
near the window
as You are watching the Moon Now!

To See Through Naked Eyes

I sincerely
wish to make
people see the truth
the truth
which no one wants
to see through the
naked eyes
Truth will not be
always buried under
the earth
one day it will
come across
the paths
of people
who had hidden the
real facts
from rising
above the surface
and punishing
the falsely accusing
It is very easy
to hide
and make peace
for the moment
but always
can never come
out without a little
obstruction in the air