In A World Of Kalyug

I had once set my path with an unsuitable person

thinking maybe that’s the destiny

universe removed it – Proved its point thoroughly.

But in this world of kalyug

of selfishly motivated individuals

why do I still have faith

that someone, somewhere,

a suitable person does exist.

Not In A Rush


 Rush Not To Create Anew Memories

A few humans evoke 

No, not to recall past memories

in motion to see the fractured heart.

Neither do they force afresh, anew beginning, 

to create a series of new memories.

They try to make the present walk 

worthwhile, enjoyable.

Without any false promise.



Soul + Mate

Wish my words had wings

to fill the distance

it would have hugged your Soul


let You know 

that I like you friend, always

that I love your Soul dearly 

as we happen to met in this life again

to celebrate the joy and happiness

of knowing each other’s souls.


A True Heart

As the Penumbral Lunar eclipse

started its encryption

A faint melancholy was howled by a set of foxes

Nearby, in the middle of a forest

Three beautiful witches 

brewed a lover’s potion 

a unicorn’s drop of tear

a crocodile’s whiff

a raven’s sweet song

a white lily’s serendipity

Said to have magical powers 

To heal a broken Heart!!